Stickers and Vinyl

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Picture of Driver Flags

Driver Flags

Represent your country of origin with these driver nationality flags. Roughly 2 3/4" Wide by 1 3/4" Tall, they fit perfectly behind the drivers name on the hardtop.
Picture of Jack Point Stickers

Jack Point Stickers

Identify the location that you can jack the car up with the driver in the car and have both wheels come of the ground and then mark it with these jack point stickers.
Picture of Tow Stickers

Tow Stickers

Orange with a white outline these Tow Stickers will stand out on any color car. 5 1/8" wide, 2 1/4" tall. Qty (2)
Picture of Gauge Blackout Stickers - NC

Gauge Blackout Stickers - NC

If you are running a data acquisition unit in front of your factory gauges and want to cover them up so you are not distracted by them, we have a sticker kit for you.