Kit vs. Custom?

Roll Cages – Kit or Custom?

Quite often we get the question “Why should I buy a kit when I can have a custom built cage?”

Custom -  First, custom cages often cost more than originally quoted. They require the installer to bend each and every tube after taking numerous measurements during the installation process. We have also found that often custom installers are busy and can not devote the attention to detail to get that bend ‘just right.”.  I have had to be involved in several discussions with high end fab shops that butchered a Miata install because the Miata's are often looked at as not as important in a high end shop.  When there's a bunch of high end Porsche's in the shop, the Miata typically doesn't get much love.  Often the "new guy" gets to do the Miata install since the more expensive vehicles get the more experienced fabbies.

The Miatacage solution -  The “kit” is not a typical kit. Our system is an evolution of many custom installations and arrives ready to install. It comes complete with all of the tubes needed, gussets, landing plates and perches, schematics, and a 30 page installation guide with over 50 pictures.Most of the tubes have extra length on each end so you and/or your installer will get a custom fit without the expense of having an installer custom bend each tube.

Why you should choose a Miatacage:

1. Design - It’s the best design on the market. It uses all available space inside these small vehicles.  We have drivers as tall as 6'5" in Miata with our roll cage kit..  We have sold over 1000 kits throughout the country and are the leading authority on Miata roll cage design.  Just because a guy has a tube bender doesn't mean that he can design a lightweight, comfortable and safe roll cage.

2. Convenience – All the bends are perfect and it arrives with everything you need - gussets, tubes, landing perches and plates.

3. Cost – The tubes come perfectly bent, which means less money paid to a fabricator. Your fabricator can concentrate on installation rather than hand bending each and every tube which takes time which costs money.

4. Installation – Proven installation guide is included. There have been over 500 installations by people all across the country.

We have been building and racing Miata’s for over 10 years and have taken the time to design a cage with desirable custom features in mind.

One of the primary reasons the company came about was to provide a cage solution of excellent design and function. For example, previously available kits had door frame bars that landed in front of the dash making egress difficult. We have been improving and making changes to our design throughout the years to keep up with the rules and utilize the latest technology construction.  Performance is second only to safety in a Miatacage – we’ve achieved both without sacrificing either. We believe ours is the best!!!