Tube Notcher

Don't have a tube notcher. No problem, this tube notcher is an economical way to get your install completed.

Don't mess around with die grinders trying to get the right notch for your tubes during the install process.  This notcher is an economical way to get the proper fit on your installation.  This notcher has the following features: 

  • Notches 3/4" through 2" OD tubing at angles up to 50 degrees in under 15 seconds.
  • Uses readily available bi-metal hole saws that cost typically under $10.00.  (1) bi-metal hole saw will typically notch 5 to 10 complete racecars
  • Works with a 1/2" hand drill so it can be used horizontall for greater flexibility.  Simply clamp the notcher in a vise, or you can use it with a vertical drill press.
  • Heavy Duty Frame with Machined in degree increments
  • Ground and polished stainless steel shaft and rigid bearing block.
  • Twin needle bearings and seperate grease seals for manimum rigidity and reliability.
  • Strong, accurate tube cradle machined from a solid steel block.
  • Clamp mechanism rides in its own guide and has been machined from a solid block of steel, eliminating the problems of "tube walk" in notchers that use a U-strap.
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