SpecMiata Suspension Kit

This is the legal MazdaSpeed Motorsports Development SpecMiata required suspension kit. Complete with (4) Bilstein shocks, (4) Eibach Springs, (4) Coil Over Kits, (2) Eibach Sway Bars, Adjustable Drop Links and FatCat Spacers.

This is the legal MazdaSpeed Motorsports Development SpecMiata required suspension kit.  Complete with (4) Bilstein shocks, (4) Eibach Springs, (4) Coil Over Kits,  (4) Adjustable Drop Links, (2) Eibach Sway Bars and FatCat Spacers.

  • 1990-1993 1.6L DOHC K-SPEC-M5-SUSP
  • 1994-1997 1.8L DOHC K-SPEC-M5-SUS8
  • 1999-2005 1.8L DOHC K-SPEC-M5-SUS9

These are the actal FatCat Bump Stop kit that is included with the kit and listed in the rule book as the only thing that is legal.  Not a cheap knock off that if teched will get you tossed.  

Choose from the drop down list below to purchase a pre-assembled version of the suspension kit.  What does the pre-assembled version get me?

  • Modified Fat Cat Spacers - The FCS was NOT designed to fit the stock Mazda shock hat.  We modify the bump stops on the lathe to properly fit the stock OEM Mazda shock hat.  We then beadblast the shock hat spacer and the 99 shock hat to help them handle glue a little better, and then glue the shock hat spacer to the shock hat so that it can not move.
  • Installed Fat Cat Spacers - We properly install the modified FCS into the hat and onto the shock.
  • Threaded Collars - We properly place then silicone the threaded collars onto the shock to keep dirt and debris out, but primarily so that when you go to make ride height changes the threaded collar does not turn on the shock.  If the threaded collar turns on the shock while you are trying to make adjustments then you will either need to use tools or at least both hands.  With the collars siliconed into place it is very easy to make adjustments with one hand and be precise about it.
  • Collars and Perches - We mark both the collars and the perches to help easily identify 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn etc adjustments.   You spend good money on alignments and setups, shouldn't you be precise about making changes to the ride height?
  • Springs - We then assemble the entire package with properly positioining the spring on the perch relative to the perch, threaded collar and relation to the corner of the car that it lives on.

Not all pre-assebly is the same.  Simply sliding the threaded coil over kit over the shock is not what we are doing here.   There is a big difference between simply assembly and race prep of the suspension kit.

With the pre-assembled option, there is a $75.00 core charge for the 99 hats.  We will supply new Mazda 99 hats for the pre-assembly.  Once you send in your 99 hats we will refund the $75.00 core deposit.

Your pre-assembled suspension kit will come to you all put together so that all you have to do is install each shock assembly on each corner of the car and you are done.

If you have a 1990-1997 model, you will want to update your shock hats to the 1999-2005 style.  You can add those to the drop down list from the menu.  These would only be needed for 1990-1997 model vehicles.

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